Monday, 24 March 2008

Why Atheist?

Atheists have no need for a god and they do not believe in one - nor in any of the other trappings of religion.
A hard atheist states simply: "there is no god".
A soft atheist states: "I can see no need to propose the existence of a god - so I won't. Since there is no need to propose one, I don’t believe in one."
This may seem like splitting hairs (it is!) but some people take the difference seriously.

There is no such thing as atheism.
An "ism" usually implies an ideology - a set of structured ideas and beliefs. There is no such ideology as atheism since atheists have a non-belief - we do not believe in a god or the necessity for religion.

There are Socialist atheists, liberal atheists, tolerant atheists, intolerant atheists, non-political atheists, Conservative atheists, Fascist atheists, New Labour atheists, Liberal Democrat atheists, Communist atheists, hippy-dippy atheists, anarchic atheists, rampant greedy capitalist atheists - what on earth would be the ideology that they all share?

Religious people often turn to atheists are say:

"Your religion is atheism - so you are just the same as us really."

This is nonsense. Atheists believe exactly the opposite to religion (see above) so how could there be an atheist religion?